During last years, all lighting-component producers are allocating their resources to the development and production of new technologies while once leading electro-magnetic technology is being sidelined. Even worse; the biggest players like Philips, Osram, Tridonic and BAG have already stepped out of the magnetic sector.
But magnetic technology is still irreplaceable in many lighting applications. Simple technical solutions that make the products durable and reliable, together with the price accessibility are unbeatable features of magnetic technology in lighting applications. Because of unstoppable progress in the lighting component industry, that is aiming to provide more and more modern technology. Many OM clients are nowadays afraid, that they will be left out of reliable top quality magnetic component supplier. ELKOSUN is their solution.
ELKOSUN’s only focus is on magnetic technology. ELKOSUN provides full range of top quality magnetic ballasts for HID, FLUORESCENT and UV lamps.
Based on a long tradition of developing and producing magnetic ballasts, ELKOSUN is focusing on answering the needs of its clients’ regarding magnetic products. The magnetic market is changing very fast and it is very important that ELKOSUN is adapting to these changes with the requested speed. ELKOSUN has been constantly investing in organization of the magnetic ballast production aiming to keep the best quality while making it more flexible in answering the client’s needs.



We provide highly reliable quality products manufactured by our team of people that have many decades of experience and tradition in the production of magnetic ballasts.


We use quality materials and components and offer 10 year warranty on all of our magnetic products.


We listen to our clients and adapt our service to their needs. Optimization of working processes is an ongoing project in ELKOSUN that keeps us alert.


ELKOSUN employs over 30 technical and production people, all of whom have many years of experience in manufacturing magnetic ballasts. The team can answer any challenge that may arise in the magnetic sector of the lighting industry.


The production facility utilized by Elkosun is located in Maribor, Slovenia. The tradition of producing magnetic ballast in Maribor is more than 60 years long. Highly skilled workers are trained to produce top quality ballasts for top European OM producers. Every ballast is tested according to the same quality procedure before it goes out of production. This enables a minimum of claims and most reliable products.


ELKOSUN is focusing on magnetic technology. In its own well-equipped laboratory we can develop or upgrade any magnetic ballast required for today’s HID, FLUORESCENT and UV lamps. R&D is focusing also in getting the most energy efficient magnetic products, as well as in the technology and solutions that can improve the efficiency of magnetic products.








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