HID ballasts

HID – High Intensity Discharge ballast

HID ballasts are intended for sodium, metal halide and mercury vapour lamps

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  • Standard ballasts for HS, HI and HM lamps
  • Ballasts for power reduction for HS lamps
  • Control gear units series KIT for HS and HI lamps 70-400W
  • Control gear units (pulse version) series KIT for HS lamps 1.5. Lamp tables – HID

We produce wide range of top quality HID ballasts for lamps from 35 to 3500 which fits all applications. Our products are designed for high efficiency and low self-heating. We offer 5 different shapes and a wide range of ballasts for special applications.

  • Possible are versions with:
  • screw terminals or push-in terminals,
  • reversible thermal cut out,
  • special ballasts with double insulation CLASS II and
  • additional types on request.

HID – power reduction, bi power, multi wattage, multi voltage, control gears

As one of the leading high-wattage HID ballast producers we can offer a wide range of bi-power, multi wattage and multi voltage ballasts.
We produce also various types of high efficient control gears, made of top quality materials or economy versions on request.
Standard and pulse versions are available.


After Tridonic GmbH & Co KG in the year 2013 announced that he will close his magnetic ballast production. ELKOSUN successfully signed in October 2013 a contract with Tridonic GmbH & Co KG  for selling there high-wattage HID ballast production line OG. After the successful relocation of the production line, ELKOSUN continued since January 2014 the production under its own brand. ELKOSUN follows the same quality standards as Tridonic to ensure the customers the same level of quality products under the new brand. The OG program cinsists of more than 100 different products, that combined with existing product range, allows ELKOSUN to cover all needs in the high Wattage HID segment. OG line capacity is about 8.000 pieces a month, bringing our whole high wattage HID ballasts capacity up to 50.000 pieces/month. The variety and capacity of manufacturing lines makes ELKOSUN one of the strongest and most flexible high wattage HID ballast producers on the market.














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