Ignitors and Power switches

Ignitors are needed for HS and HI lamps ignition. The special feature of superimposed-pulse ignitors is that the ignition voltage is generated without placing a high-voltage load on the choke.

Since March 2014 ELKOSUN continued the former Tridonic production of ultimate ZRM 20 Ignitors under its own brand. The ZRM 20 ignitors have a capacity range form 1.000 – 3.500 W.

They are specially designed to operate with very low self-heating.

To offer our customers a full solution we have implemented other Tridonic ignitor types into our portfolio 35 to 1000W in April 2015.

We can offer a complete range (35W – 3500W) of ignitors to our customers.

We produce also POWER SWITCHES ZRM for energy savings in street lighting.



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